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Interview Coaching – Interview Coaching Sessions

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Interview Coaching

On many occasions, we are approached by people who have been asked to participate in a number of interviews but despite their best efforts job offers aren’t forthcoming.

Having practiced the types of questions that are going to be asked and having a plan of how best to answer them is a significant advantage.

As part of this service, we conduct a mock interview, after which we discuss potential areas of improvement, and what to expect on the day. We send you home with an interview coaching e-book with tips on how to get the most from the experience.

We receive valuable feedback from clients who have taken advantage of this service but be prepared, we believe in being completely honest with you, it’s in your own interests!

What our customers are saying...

I contacted the CV Jedi regarding their resume writing service. With jobs in Perth being limited right now, I wanted to ensure that my cover letter stood out and highlighted the skills I have in the best way possible.Ulrich has been most helpful in this regard. He was able to efficiently extract the information I had and put it in to a context that is useful for prospective employers, highlighting skills that he knows they are looking for. By using a third party to draft this document (resume and cover letter), the result is a more factual document which is far more succinct for an employer to read than a bloated letter with too much information.I would absolutely recommend using the professional and timely services of the CV Jedi to highlight the skills you have for your prospective employer!
Fiona Smallwood, Perth – July 2017
Entering the job market in Perth my resume was extremely dated. I contacted Ulrich and was encouraged by his knowledge. So I hired CVJedi to update my resume, cover letter and provide a smarter LinkedIn profile to help me find a Senior I.T Support role. Costing just under $400 and requiring only a few days my new resume and cover letter arrived. I was absolutely blown away with its thoughtful and professional layout. The job market is competitive but I feel 200% more confident with these tools. This team gets 5 stars from me. Thanks.
Leon Whaanga, Koondoola – June 2017