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Debunking the 10 Most Common Myths about Job Hunting in 2019

Posted on Jun 20, 2019 by Ulrich Schild

While we all have different trials, tribulations, and experiences in our lives, there is a common struggle all of us have dealt with in one capacity or another: finding a new job and, often, not having much success in doing so.

So if you’ve been reading rejection email after rejection email lately — or worse, no responses at all — it’s time to set things straight. To debunk the most common myths about job hunting standing between you and your dream job, read on!

The best way to protect yourself against Job Hunting Myths is to use your common sense. If a career coaching article recommends doing something that just doesn’t sound right –don’t just assume that it must be good advice because it comes from “experts.” Do your own research and always remember to hunt wisely!


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CVJedi Melbourne played a key role getting me into the Renewable Energy Sector. Their resume kit service made my cv more competitive and the interview coaching for a Project Coordinator position within a major Australian Energy company secured me the job.
Diogo D Chaves, Melbourne January 2019
I highly recommend CV Jedi for anyone needing assistance with seeking employment. I used their services with resume writing in 2015 and was successful in securing a permanent position in banking. The same resume helped to secure a new position in the Council & Government sector in 2016 and so it was a no-brainer to use their services again to assist with an internal position within the department in 2018. The job market has changed and having a Perth career coach and being informed on how employers find potential employees is invaluable, I would also recommend CV Jedi for anyone serious about seeking employment.
Van Mach, Perth December 2018