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The “Maybe Reason“ why No One Calls Back for a Job Opportunity

Posted on Jan 21, 2017 by Ulrich Schild

Hiring professionals, like recruiters and HR Managers, take a lot of calls every day. Aside from just being busy people, here are the top 10 reasons why they won’t call you – no matter how special your application is.

You’re ignoring the most basic voicemail etiquette

Huh, what is the point of that? You are applying for a new job and all you have to offer when I call you is a generic voicemail. I usually make two attempts, but then I can’t be bothered anymore because just like you, I hate wasting time.

Your voicemail is a joke

You want me to consider you for that $140K job that comes with a bonus and perks, but you are using some jingle music or joking voice mail message. Never mind … too risky … I can’t take the risk to introduce you to my client or even shortlist you for a job in my own business.

You give me 10 seconds and force me onto Voice to Text

I know you are savvy and smart, but your voice mail service does not suggest that. Do you seriously believe that I can leave you a meaningful invitation for a job interview with a cheap Telstra Voice to Text Voice mail service that only allows 10 seconds to leave a message, which will most likely be garbled by the service anyway? Like I said before – my time is precious and I hate wasting it.

Your voicemail is not professional

I am calling you to invite you for a job interview or maybe just to speak to you, but your voice message is bad – I mean bad. You sound like you are depressed and your message does not identify you or offer anything positive.  Enough said

You are not organised

  • Not having planned your voice mail message in advance is bad form, especially if you are in job hunting mode. You have not listened or double checked your own recording (maybe in years), or you left a rambling message that you’re later ashamed to have done.
  • Not leaving your name and mobile number at the end of the message you leave for me. Here’s a tip: leave it at the beginning when the prospect is poised to take notes and at the end. I take tonnes of calls every day – help me to help you.
  • Failing to stick to one topic per voicemail message. You can’t mention every business issue or trigger event you could address. Choose one for this call. Save the others for future calls and please give me a compelling, smart and organised reason to call you back.
  • You’re still committed to your current job. Don’t waste a hiring professional’s time if you’re not serious about making a change.  You may be a star candidate, but they’ll know right away if they’re being played.  They won’t appreciate you ‘testing the waters’ with their time.  If your true intention is just to find out what’s going on out there, just ask!  A good professional will be happy to share the latest on the industry!
  • You are rushing it. Leaving a message that’s so short it doesn’t give me a compelling reason to call you back, or pick up the next time you call.
  • Speaking so quickly that you can’t be understood or even worse, mumbling. Slow down, drop the “ums” and “ahs”, and speak clearly and confidently. Be your natural, personable self. Oh hey, and show that you are upbeat. No one likes to hire a sleeping tablet.

You expect me to dig around to find you

Besides networking with people to locate qualified candidates for a position, a recruiter will also search on the web. Conferences and social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook are important tools in the recruitment process. Yet, unbelievably, some job hunters either don’t belong to these sites or they have very limited profiles that won’t come up in a standard search or provide any useful information. People never know when they are going to miss a great opportunity because a recruiter can’t find them. So, get out there!

I am just not that into you

Candidly and realistically evaluate your history before you stalk my voicemail with your messages. You may be great, but have you fallen on horrific circumstances beyond your control and have had five jobs in the last year?  Honestly, the switched on recruiters and hiring professionals won’t call back. Good news!  You’re still great and you will land a good job if you take control!  Take a look at Get Help from a Professional JobSearchCoach and Hot Markets Hiring Now.

What do you do again?

You’re a Molecular Micro Biologist.  But, you’re sending your resume to recruiters who recruit Software Engineers or Sales Managers.  What?  Know your recruiter or at least know who you’re targeting.  Take the time to learn about who you’re sending your resume to.  Here’s a place to start your research as far as what types of recruiters there are: Find a Recruiter that’s Right for You Now. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be better able to select the right recruiter in your niche.

You’re literally everwhere

If you’re blasting your resume out there, the recruiter knows.  Why would they waste time if they think you’re looking at 100 different things?  I’m not saying to limit yourself; heck, it’s your life we’re talking about!  I’m saying be selective and present yourself as a hot prospect and you’ll get the attention you deserve. How? Read here it’s who knows you.

I know this listing may seem a bit harsh, but I speak from experience. Don’t waste your opportunity to make an impact on your prospects or any other professional who is in a position to help you. They may just surprise you and call you back! Follow the basic 21st century mobile and e-etiquette and remember to hunt wisely!



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