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School/University workshops

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Resume Writing, Interview Skills and Job Search Workshop

Finding the ideal job is easier said than done, and this workshop gives attendees the necessary information and training to do exactly that. During the workshop, participants will receive professional guidance about how to best present themselves to prospective employers both via their resume and in person. They will also develop strategies that enable them to stand out from the competition.

In this workshop, attendees will:

  • Learn the secrets to writing a resume that grabs an employer’s attention;
  • Be trained in creating a cover letter that highlights key skills;
  • Learn how to apply for jobs based on selection criteria;
  • Discover how to be confident in the interview room;
  • Discover how to access the hidden job market

All participants will receive a resume writing guide, cover letter writing guide, interview preparation guide, job search guide, and selection criteria guide to help them further their careers

This is a half day workshop that can be extended according to your requirements.

Interview Skills Workshop

When you leave a period of education, it is necessary to attend interviews to receive scholarships, entry to further education, cadetships, or employment. But all too often, people are just not prepared for the interview room. This workshop gives school, college, and university leavers the techniques to excel inside the interview room.

In this workshop, attendees will

  • Discover how to make the best first impression in the interview room;
  • Learn strategies to help with confidence building;
  • Gain skills to be able to sell themselves as an attractive candidate;
  • Learn how to tackle the most common interview questions;
  • Learn about the STAR technique and how to use it in interviews;
  • Gain real interview practise in mock situations; and
  • Receive expert tips in order to stand out from other applicants.

This workshop lasts for two hours but it can be extended according to your requirements.

If you require information, please contact us.

What our customers are saying...

I have been using CV Jedi for many years to keep my resume and LinkedIn profile up to date and looking professional. Using their services has helped me land my previous two roles and I highly recommend them to anyone who is job hunting and looking for that extra edge.
Jarren Everarard, Brisbane February 2020
Very professional service, approached CV Jedi in 2016 to get my resume updated, couldn’t be happier with the result and has successfully landed me 2 fifo job positions, have recommended them to numerous people and continue to use them to keep my resume and linked in profile up to date.
Ben Launer, Perth November 2019