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Selection Criteria

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Selection Criteria

One of the most difficult requirements for many professional job applications are Selection Criteria. Not only are they time consuming but it’s often hard to establish which aspects of your experience should be included and which to omit. Complicating things further, employers often have different expectations of how answers are to be structured.

In many cases, particularly government job applications, Selection Criteria are given more weight throughout the shortlisting process than your CV. It’s critical you’re able to formulate a clear, concise document that ticks all of the right boxes.

CV Jedi can help! After consultation, our Selection Criteria experts will help put together a compelling case to assist with progressing you through to interview stage. Collectively, our team have over 20 years experience in various HR and Recruitment functions so we understand what’s required.

Pricing for our Selection Criteria vary depending on requirements. Contact us today for a free quote. We provide discounts to clients who purchase a Resume and Selection Criteria package together.

What our customers are saying...

I googled CVJedi in Perth. Ulrich encouraged me a lot with a very positive resume, which described my most important skills and experience. I applied for an Environmental Engineering position with the renewed Cover Letter, Resume & Selection Criteria Response, and got an interview in just one week. I am looking forward to the result of the interview.Thank you very much!
Jane Zou, Perth April 2018
Ullrich and his team are amazing in understanding your needs and providing the right service suited. These guys are the best in the business. I’ve been using their services for 4 years and have always been impressed with the finish product. If your looking expert professional service then Ullrich and his team should be your preferred choice.
Vikram Biala, Perth – February 2018